Ag Bankers Conference

March 20-21, 2023


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Monday, March 20

8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by Dickinson Law

8:30 am Welcome

8:45 am Profitable Ag Lending in 2023 and the Decade Ahead
Tim Ohlde, Country Banker Systems, LLC, Clyde, KS
Tim Ohlde will convey the “must haves” to be a successful Ag lender in today’s Ag Economy; to not only survive but to thrive! Learn how to take a more effective and efficient approach to balance sheets and income statements, focusing on the importance of properly defining/categorizing assets and liabilities. He’ll review the five “Powerful Ratios” that form the base of effectively analyzing farmer’s operations.  They are a great start (or refresher) for those increasing ratio analysis in their lending arsenal and how they can be used to be an effective lender.

10:00 am Break with exhibitors
Sponsored by Bell Bank and FNBO

10:30 am Weather, Deglobalization and Supply Chain – Effect on Production and Ag Prices
Shawn Hackett, Hackett Financial Advisors, Boca Raton, FL
The expansion of weather volatility, Ag price volatility, and Ag production volatility is going to be orders of magnitude beyond recent historical precedent. When we overlay these historic climate cycles with current deglobalization and shifting supply chain trends, the “just in time inventory” Ag supply chain model the world has embraced over the past 20 years will quickly revert back to the tried and true “stockpiling strategy” and regionalized global trade structure seen throughout most of history. Both the long term and short-term Ag price considerations will be discussed in detail based on these capital flows and natural weather cycle trends to provide a framework for proper preparation and execution of producer plans and budgets. This session examines how using seasonality, capital flows, climate cycles, and technical chart patterns can preserve positive margins on the farm and insure loan performance.

11:45 am Lunch
Sponsored by Farmer Mac and MIB

1:00 pm Crop Marketing Outlook
Dr. Steve Johnson, ISU Extension Outreach (retired)
Steve Johnson will discuss 2023 crop cost estimates, including corn prices and soybeans. He will also discuss crop margins.

2:15 pm Refreshment Break
Sponsored by Bell Bank and FNBO

2:45 pm 5 C’s of Generational Continuity
Dave Specht, Global Family Business Institute, Claremont, CA
There is no magic recipe that will guarantee the preservation of family relationships and the perpetuation a business. There are, however, five key items that if not planned for will almost assuredly lead to heartache, negative family dynamics and a poor chance at business succession. As you help your ag customers, consider all the technical elements that families need to address, please seek to humanize every step of the process. One of the greatest business legacies advisors can leave is a group of clients that are positioned to preserve their family relationships and perpetuate their businesses (if they choose to do so).  This session will provide you with tools to encourage families to keep their most important family relationships in good working order as they transition from one generation to the next. 

4:00 pm Reception

Tuesday, March 21

7:30 am Full Breakfast

8:15 am Latest Iowa Farmland Values & Outlook by District        
Dan Manternach, Senior Economist, Comstock Investments, Inc.
In this session, Dan will discuss current farm financial metrics, as well as how Iowa land trends and outlook compare regionally and nationally. He will also discuss how aging farmers and the Ag tech boom equals faster generational turnover ahead.

9:15 am Break
Sponsored by Bell Bank and FNBO

9:30 am Iowa Division of Banking Update
Jeff Plagge, Superintendent of Banking, IDOB
Iowa Division of Banking Superintendent Jeff Plagge will share information on the current state of banking in Iowa, economic indicators, emerging issues and more.

10:30 am Break
Sponsored by Bell Bank and FNBO

10:45 am Going the Extra Mile
Jim Miller
All great Teams, Businesses and Organizations have people willing to go the “Extra Mile” for themselves and each other.  That is a “Key Component” of why they are great! What does it take to get things done, to be better than ever before?  It takes whatever it takes, and that includes your team going the “Extra Mile”.  Success can happen anywhere, even at a place where it hasn’t happened before. Just as Coach Miller took an underperforming wrestling team to the Best NCAA D3 team in history and finished 1st or 2nd in the Nation 18 of his 22 years, with 10 NCAA Championships.  This was at a college that had never won a National Championship in any sport in history.  Let Coach Miller share with you how that transformation took place, which includes the benefits of a team that’s willing to go the “Extra Mile” together!

11:45 am Adjourn

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